Scene of Kiryat Arba shooting attack
Scene of Kiryat Arba shooting attackBashi Darshan/TPS

The condition of Tamar Aharon, the 13.5-year-old girl who was severely injured in a shooting attack on Thursday, continues to improve.

After regaining consciousness on Friday, Tamar is now fully alert and communicating with both her family and the medical staff in the pediatric ICU at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center.

The public is requested to continue praying for the recovery of Tamar, the daughter of Nira.

Tamar was shot in the head while walking in the street, and evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center, where she underwent head surgery.

Dr. Moris Matityahu, an expert family physician who works in the Meuhedet health clinic in Kiryat Arba, provided Tamar with initial medical care.

He recalled, "The girl was brought by her sister to the entrance of the Meuhedet clinic, where the sister said that the girl had received a strong blow to her head from an unknown source. A cleaning worker who met her at the entrance brought her in immediately, and while she was still conscious to the treatment room, where I provided her with initial treatment and attempted to locate the source of the bleeding, which was very heavy."

"At the same time, an ambulance was called, and arrived within a few minutes. Upon its arrival, the girl lost consciousness, began convulsing, was immediately treated, and was evacuated by the staff of the mobile ICU."