MDA ambulances
MDA ambulances MDA Spokesperson

Magen David Adom (MDA) EMTs and Paramedics were dispatched to 2,741 people across the country, of whom 1,920 were conveyed to hospital for further treatment. 268 fainted, were dehydrated or felt unwell due to the fast.

A 33 year old pedestrian was severely injured by a car on Route 4 by Aluf Sade junction, a 19 year old motorcyclist was severely injured in Tira, and a 19 year old was severely injured in a traffic accident near Gadot Forest. 24 other people were injured in accidents, 5 moderately, and 19 in mild condition.

285 people were injured and required treatment following injuries on bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards, 6 moderately injured and 279 with mild injuries.

37 people were injured in violent incidents across Israel, 1 moderately injured, and 36 mildly injured.

MDA teams were also called to 133 women in labor, of whom one was delivered by MDA Jerusalem.

MDA Blood Services provided 147 blood units and products throughout Yom Kippur.

United Hatzalah also reported that its volunteers treated more than 2,500 people across Israel for a variety of medical emergencies.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said, " Our volunteers worked with true dedication throughout the holiday and provided a near-immediate response to medical emergencies all over the country that included cases of fainting, low blood pressure, births, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, and many others."

In one such emergency, United Hatzalah volunteers and an ambulance crew spent the entire holiday at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and responded to medical emergencies in the area.

Among the emergencies that occurred in the Synagogue itself towards the end of prayers took place when a high-ranking public official was feeling unwell.

Our volunteers performed a series of medical check-ups on the individual and recommended that they head to the hospital for a further check-up.