Stella Weinstein
Stella Weinstein Photo: Israel National News-Arutz 7

Stella Weinstein, chairman of the 30/40 party that was inaugurated on September 30, was interviewed at the Israel National News studio and clarified that she does not think there is anything to apologize for regarding her involvement in the establishment of the current coalition government.

Weinstein, formerly director-general of the Yamina party: "I was very sorry that the government fell. I was part of the choice to enter this government and when all the coalition members hid, I sat in the most difficult places and explained my choices.

What is Shaked apologizing for? There is the saying that those who do nothing make no mistakes.

I was in the closed rooms in which this government was born. We were all there behind the scenes And we made the decision together to join the government. Once we embark on a journey together, we have to finish it together. There is nothing to apologize for -- fifth elections were on the horizon and there was no other option," explains Weinstein.

According to her, "This is indeed not the ideal government and it was not easy for me, but there was no other choice. I stand behind my decisions. We did what we thought was best for the people of Israel and the State of Israel at that moment."

Her party comes to answer the problems in the Israeli political system. "We have 'political models' who go around the political system and only change titles. They have no message and they don't really present a platform or bother to say what they will actually do for the public. They entered a loop of personal disqualifications that are convenient for everyone. They demonize each other because there is nothing left They have nothing to bring to the public."

"This is “show” politics - they are fighting to be part of the ranks and not for the good they can do. This leaves a huge vacuum for the bureaucracy. Those who think we have a democratic government of 120 representatives are making a huge mistake," she adds, indicating a goal: "I want to take away mandates from those who disappointed their voters or for whom the voters won't vote this time. One is the Jewish Home and the other is Avigdor Liberman."

In her opinion, "Hadar Muchtar (the 20-year-old who started the Youth Party on Tic Toc) was created because the public is looking for someone to talk to. She is the child who shouted 'the king is naked'."

She is directing her energies to the middle class. "There is a middle class here that is collapsing and no one cares about them. The current government should apologize for that. The 30/40 Party will continue even if we do not pass the threshold into the Knesset. We wanted to raise awareness of the problems faced by the sector of the population that ultimately drives this country. We will continue with all our strength, and we may even end up as the surprise of this election.”