20-year-old TikTok star Hadar Muchtar, who spent a number of years living in Berlin, recently launched the 'Youths on Fire' (or 'Fiery Youth') - a new political party appealing to young people concerned about skyrocketing costs of living in Israel.

In a interview with Israel National News - Arutz-7, Hadar discussed the power of social media to influence today's youth. "I think social media is the real world," she insisted. "People don't know how much [influence] it has. I've gotten over 100,000 [followers] just from TikTok."

Regarding her beliefs and political loyalties, Hadar insists she's in it to make people's lives better and has no special affinity for any political party. When pressed on the issue, she did say, however, that, "The only [viable] government is one that believes that Israel is the Jewish state for the Jewish people and Arab parties are not part of this game."

"People are tired of seeing the same politicians with the same suits that speak the same way with this weird voice. They want to see real people who speak the truth and I think they will vote for me because they [believe] I can make a change," concluded Hadar.