Moshe Arbel
Moshe Arbel Arutz Sheva

MK Moshe Arbel's (Shas) life was saved thanks to his desire to donate a kidney.

In an interview with Kol Hai Radio, Arbel said, "This is an opportunity to give thanks to G-d. During the process to donate a kidney, they discovered I had a small growth, and with G-d's kindness my life was saved thanks to my desire to donate the kidney - which, to my dismay, I am not able to donate."

Later during the interview, Arbel said that if the judiciary intervenes too much in the elections process, the government will be forced to pass the Override Clause.

He added, "But I must clarify that even without that, we will advance the Override Clause, because that is what needs to be done."

Regarding Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli's (Labor) promise that the Tel Aviv light rail train will operate on Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), Arbel said, "Merav Michaeli is just trying to start a media spin. Our hope is that her attempt to desecrate Shabbat will cause Shabbat to demand its honor, and that she will not be Transportation Minister."

Concluding the interview, Arbel said, "My message to the People of Israel is that during this time of elections, which underlines the differences between us, we see the shared good and protect it. This week we will see synagogues full of secular Israelis as well, and it is amazing to see this miracle, that the People of Israel live on."