the seized weapons
the seized weaponsIDF Spokesperson

IDF soldiers, together with police, Border Police, and Shabak officers, thwarted an attempt to smuggle dozens of weapons from across the Jordanian border on Saturday.

Two suspects were arrested with two backs containing 34 guns, 36 M-16 weapon assemblies and 56 M-16 weapon parts.

The arrested suspects and the seized weapons were transferred to the security forces for further processing.

Overnight, IDF, Border Police, and Shabak officers arrested four wanted persons at several locations in the Judea and Samaria Division, among others in the village of Jalud and the city of Hebron.

Soldiers operated in the city of Nablus in the area of ​​the Samaria regional division and arrested two wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activity. During the operation, gunshots were heard in the area.

IDF soldiers also operated in the village of Jilzon in the area of the Binyamin spatial division and arrested another wanted person suspected of involvement in terrorism. At the same time, the forces operated in the village of Shoura and arrested another wanted person.

No casualties were reported among the Israeli forces.