Ziv Shilon
Ziv Shilon Rami Zerenger

Today, when we think “hero”, we can might think of a Marvel or a DC superhero, the kind that wears a cape or a mask and saves the day. But here, in Israel, real-life heroes are made every day.

Only last week, two cops noticed a suspicious guy walking around in Jaffa. They arrested him, and discovered he was a Palestinian terrorist, armed with bombs and a machine gun, ready to kill civilians. That’s only one story out of many, about real-world heroes.

Today, we have the honor of hosting a real-world hero. His name is Ziv Shilon. Ziv was a commander in the Givati brigade in 2012, when, as he was out on a mission with his platoon, a bomb exploded in his face, literally. What happened thereafter would shape and re-define his entire life. Ziv underwent intense rehabilitation, started lecturing around the world about his inspiring story, created a beautiful family and in 2019 received a medal of honor from the IDF chief, for his service and his achievements.

We are deeply honored to have Ziv Shilon on the show with us today.