Buying clothes for Moishe
Buying clothes for Moishe Tal Shachar

Nearly six months after Moishe Kleinerman went missing, his family has not yet lost hope.

Moishe's younger brother will celebrate his bar mitzva on Thursday, and their mother Gitty has bought new clothes for Moishe ahead of the event.

"I hope that a miracle will take place and he will return before his younger brother's bar mitzva in two days from now," she told Ynet. "Moishe has been missing for 171 days already."

"I have a strong gut feeling that this is going to happen, that somehow he will appear on Thursday. I believe in this with full faith."

The family are all waiting for a miracle and preparing for Moishe's return.

"We ironed his shirt - so that everything will be ready for him when he comes to get dressed - like a groom," Gitty explained. "The joy will not be complete until he returns."

About the fact that there have not yet been any breakthroughs in the case, she said, "We are in such a strange situation, all sorts of things are happening which never happen, and things work out. I believe that the support of the nation of Israel, which has done so much for us - materially and also spiritually - can bring us the Redemption."

The family's joy, she said, is mixed with sadness, mostly because of the doubts: "The hardest thing is to be in a situation in which there is doubt, but we do not run the world. There is one leader and only He will decide what will happen and what won't. Everything that He does is good - even if we do not understand, and even if it is hard for us. We need to be prepared for everything, we have nothing else."