Abir Kara
Abir Kara Arutz Sheva

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Abir Kara, will leave Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked's new Zionist Spirit party.

Kara was originally part of Yamina. Shaked then merged Yamina with the Derech Eretz party, and the new joint list was renamed, "Zionist Spirit."

According to the report, Kara is leaving the party because he demanded the fourth spot on the list, which is currently reserved for MK Zvi Hauser of Derech Eretz, and Shaked refused to acquiesce to his demand.

Kara was placed fifth on the joint list.

On Thursday, Hauser gathered his team of advisers and presented them with his considerations for leaving the Zionist Spirit party. He is currently debating forming a new economic-right wing party which will cater to the self-employed and business owners in Israel.

Shaked responded, "For the past year, Abir Kara worked on behalf of the self-employed and to remove regulations, and he has seen important achievements. Zionist Spirit will continue to lead, under the flag of the free market and fight the obstacles and the cost of living. I wish Abir much success in everything he does."

The statement also said that Shaked was the one who told Kara that he would not be part of the party, but Kara claimed that he was the one to inform Shaked of his decision.

"I was not born a politician," Kara explained. "I came into politics from the field, and with me hundreds of thousands of working and creative Israelis, both employees and self-employed - people who want this to be a state in which it is possible for a person to live honorably and to sustain an open and free market which allows entrepreneurs, business owners, and all Israeli citizens to thrive and flourish."

Kara continued, "In the meeting I had this week with Minister Shaked, it became clear to me that in the party's new format, there would not be a place for my values and for the economic policy that I believe in."

"In the coming days, I will announce what my next political moves will be," he added.

Kara is trying to join the Yisrael Beytenu party, led by Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, and has even turned to those close to Liberman in an attempt to understand if he has a future in the party.