Soldiers in Gaza
Soldiers in GazaIDF

Ron Yaakobi, a reservist and a furniture store owner, came back from fighting to find that a class action lawsuit had been filed against him for millions of shekels.

The lawsuit was filed by a pair of serial plaintiffs because the store's website did not update its deals even though more than 35 days had passed since the start of the promotion, contrary to consumer protection law. Yaakobi, in contrast, claimed that he was in the reserves and therefore the prices were not updated.

Former Knesset member Abir Kara, who leads a fight against the ease with which class action lawsuits that bankrupt businesses are filed, shared that Ron fainted and was taken to the hospital due to the stress from the lawsuit and the calls he began to receive from the bank.

Kara shared: "Ron, the heroic reservist who risked his life and protected us, was hospitalized the night after his collapse. While I was on the line with him in conversation, the tough man who fought terrorists collapsed due to financial pressures and was taken to the hospital."

He wrote about Ron: "An Israeli hero who went to defend us in the reserves and came back to discover that a cynical serial plaintiff had tailor-made this absurd lawsuit against him for an outrageous amount that would crush him and his family financially".

Kara, who, as mentioned, fights this issue, wrote that "Ron is one of the dozens and hundreds of victims, simple entrepreneurs, business owners, taxpayers, and law-abiding citizens, whom serial plaintiffs target for ludicrous claims and crush their world"

He added, "Last night, what Hamas did not do, the 'plaintiff' did, dragging more than 40 entrepreneurs and business owners to court over petty claims and turning theft into a standard procedure. Ron called me in utter despair from the cynical exploitation attempt to benefit unfairly. He collapsed and was taken to the hospital while we were on a phone call. We can't tolerate this anymore. Enough".

Kara announced a fundraising to put an end to this method. "We will raise money for legislative change in the Knesset, for legal representation, and for our public activism and struggle over the next year and to assist all the victims of these bizarre extortion lawsuits, and also for Ron, if he wishes our help".