Reports in Syria have said that the IDF attacked a Syrian military post near Quneitra.

The target is assumed to have been a Syrian army observation post which was used by Hezbollah for the purposes of observations and gathering intelligence on the border with Israel.

According to the report, two people were killed in the attack. Haaretz claimed that the attack was carried out by an Israeli tank, and that two civilians were injured.

Walla! quoted Syrian media as claiming that the IDF attacked in broad daylight near Quneitra. According to the reports, two people were injured.

Ynet said the target was a Hezbollah observation post in the area. The Saudi Al Arabiya network said that the attack occurred as the two neared the post which was attacked.

Last month, Syria claimed that three of its soldiers had been killed and seven wounded in an Israeli air strike in Damascus. At the time, Syrian media reported that the country's air defense systems intercepted hostile missiles in the suburbs of Damascus.