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An Israeli woman who was accused of spying for Iran is in critical condition after attempting to take her own life, Kan News reported.

In January, the Shabak announced that it had uncovered and thwarted an Iranian scheme to recruit Israeli women to spy for Iran.

Indictments were filed against five people involved in the scheme. As part of the affair, it emerged that four women of Persian origin and another man were recruited by Iranian intelligence agents to carry out missions within Israeli territory.

The Shabak also warned nearly 20 other Israelis who were in contact with the agent but no indictment was filed against them.

The women were initially contacted on Facebook by a man presenting himself as Rambod Namdar, a Jew living in Iran. Later, the conversations moved to WhatsApp.

During the course of their correspondence, the women sent Namdar photos of the US Embassy, the Holon mall, and a Knesset member, in exchange for money.

As part of the ongoing monitoring of the activities and investigations of the suspects, it emerged that they maintained ongoing contacts with an Iranian intelligence source. During the interrogations, extensive evidence was gathered about these connections, and accordingly indictments were filed against several of the suspects.

Despite the suspects' suspicion that he was an Iranian intelligence official, some of them continued their contact with him, agreed to perform tasks he assigned them, and received money from him.

Ben-Zion Citrin, the defense attorney for the person accused of espionage, said following the suicide attempt: "This is a terrible tragedy, she is a normal woman who fell into a Kafkaesque story while the system is not ready to let up on her. There were other people who were in contact with the agent and they let up on them, while heavy prison sentences were demanded against my client in the plea bargain negotiations. Her cry is terrible and I hope that today will be the day when it is heard."