Rosh Ha'ayin
Rosh Ha'ayin Magen David Adom

The Samaria military court decided today to acquit Moetaz Beri, who was accused of attempting to carry out a shooting attack.

According to the indictment, he walked the streets of Rosh Ha'Ayin in October 2020, while carrying a loaded gun, looking for a victim with the intention of killing them. He passed from person to person but refrained from shooting them each time for different reasons.

The court decided to take this reluctance to actually use his weapon into account, and not to convict him on the charge of attempting to purposely cause death. However, he was convicted of the crimes of trafficking in military equipment, throwing stones and entering Israel without a permit.

According to the indictment, Beri first encountered a woman and her daughter. He almost fired his weapon, but left when he heard the girl say "mother."

The suspect then encountered a religious man and was prepared to shoot him, but again stopped when he saw saw that the man was with a small child. He then met a group of men and almost shot them but took pity on the families they support and decided to leave them alone as well. Shortly afterwards he was arrested.

The military prosecution had sought to convict him of deliberately attempting to cause death, but the court decided to send a message that "there is a way back that deserves protection even against conviction for one of the most serious crimes in the law book."