IFCJ Mobile Unit Ashkelon
IFCJ Mobile Unit Ashkelon Yossi Zeliger

As the Gaza-based Islamic Jihad terror group fired hundreds of rockets into Israeli towns and cities in recent days, including dozens directed at Ashkelon, the city welcomed the opening of a new mobile emergency control unit.

The unit is designed to enable the mayor and municipal administrators to manage emergency operations from various points throughout the city as the needs develop.

The mobile station was designed to respond to specific critical needs that the municipality presented to officials at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) in the wake of 2021’s Operation Guardian of the Walls. In the last decade, IFCJ has invested over 92 million shekels ($26 million dollars) in strengthening the security for communities in the south.

Fashioned out of a previously-used caravan and retrofitted at a cost of about 4 million shekel, the unit is a full communications and operations center where city leaders can manage all types of crises at any location within the city. The unit is outfitted with specific lighting, engineering, and computer systems as well as emergency response equipment.

With Operation Breaking Dawn, responding to the latest round of violence aimed at Israeli civilians by Islamic Jihad terrorists, the IFCJ sped up delivery of the mobile unit.

IFCJ President Yael Eckstein said, “As we once again witness the onslaught of attacks from Gaza directed at Israeli civilians, we know that we need to increase our efforts to defend the Israeli home front in collaboration with the IDF and local municipalities. This new unit being presented to Ashkelon will provide the mayor and his deputies a physical command facility to most effectively and quickly manage these events in ways that we know will save lives and enhance the overall necessary response.”

“We thank our many partners around the world who share our love for Israel and whose support made this project to ensure public safety in the face of both wartime attacks as well as to be better prepared for all types of civilian disasters possible at this critical time. This gift is a further expression of our solidarity with the people of Israel’s south as well as the security and rescue forces who dedicate themselves every hour of every day to ensuring the safety and security of our country.”

Safwan Marich, Director of the Safety and Emergency Response Division of IFCJ added, “Following the end of the previous major escalation in May 2021, the Ashkelon mayor presented us with the necessity for a mobile unit to best manage the complex needs that arise during times of crisis. In close coordination with the municipality, we identified the specific logistical needs and this unit is the result of those efforts. I am entirely confident that this new unit will be extremely beneficial in facilitating Ashkelon’s emergency response in all types of incidents, whenever and wherever in the city they might occur.”

Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Glam thanked the IFCJ saying, “Once again, the city of Ashkelon is in the forefront of the battle, yet our residents prove their resilience time and time again while providing our full support to the security forces. The mobile emergency control unit will further strengthen the security for our residents and provide faster and more immediate response for any incident that arises. I thank the Fellowship for their assistance, support, and solidarity with the city of Ashkelon.”