Rocket fire from Gaza during Operation Breaking Dawn
Rocket fire from Gaza during Operation Breaking Dawn Attia Muhammed/Flash90

An internal instructions document sent out by Hamas security sources reveals the terror organization's efforts at censorship with regards to everything connected to the recent Operation Breaking Dawn, a Galatz reporter revealed.

As part of their efforts to prevent foreign journalists from broadcasting information which may harm the name of either Hamas or Islamic Jihad, every foreign journalist entering Gaza was paired with a local journalist, who accompanied him throughout his stay in Gaza.

In the instruction document which the Gazan journalists received, Hamas prohibited the publication of articles which show that "martyrs" were killed by local fire - a failed launch. The Gazan journalist was responsible for preventing the foreign journalist from acquiring such information.

In addition, Hamas forbade the publication of articles which show that the terror factions are responsible for the escalation, instructing that the blame be laid on Israel - which it called the "occupation" - and that it should be claimed that Israel initiated both the fighting and the eliminations.

The local journalist also had to show a "nationalist spirit" and not agree with the opinion of the foreign journalist if he expressed support for Israel. Another section of the document required the Gazan journalist to inform Hamas ahead of time if his guest wished to visit the attack sites.

Concluding the document was an instruction that the local journalist write a report summarizing the visit and submit it to Gazan security. In the report, the journalist must detail the places where the foreign journalist visited, and who he met. Failure to submit this report would result in the Gazan journalist being disqualified from accompanying foreign journalists - a position which pays well in Gaza.