Gantz in war room
Gantz in war room Ariel Hermoni / IMoD

The IDF and the ISA targeted senior Islamic Jihad terrorist and Gaza Strip southern division commander Khaled Mansour Saturday night.

The airstrike was a joint operational effort by the IDF, intelligence elements and the ISA, with the approval of the political echelon.

"This was an operational and intelligence effort, and is an extraordinary achievement." Prime Minister Yair Lapid said, "I want to express my appreciation to Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the Chief of General Staff, the Director of the ISA, and the thousands under their command."

"The IDF continues to strike terrorist targets and operatives, and to thwart rocket-launching squads. We are acting in a precise and responsible way to minimize harm to civilians. This operation will continue as long as necessary” he added.

"Whoever seeks to hurt Israeli citizens – will be hurt" Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated, "The IDF, ISA and the security forces will continue to operate against Islamic Jihad until we restore quiet and remove the threats to the children living in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip. I would like to commend the IDF under the leadership of the Chief-of-Staff, and the ISA under the leadership of Ronen Bar, for their major efforts in safeguarding the security of Israel."