Rocket falls in Ashkelon
Rocket falls in AshkelonIsrael Police spokesperson

Daoud Shehab, spokesman for the Islamic Jihad, places full responsibility on Israel for the recent escalation and claims that, before the Israeli attack, his organization was ready to discuss the mediation proposals submitted by Egypt.

Speaking on Friday with the Israeli Arab Nasradio, which broadcasts from Nazareth, Shehab said that Israel attacked civilian facilities and tried to put obstacles before the Egyptian mediation efforts even though the Islamic Jihad responded positively to them.

Shehab claimed that Israel is interested in an escalation and aggression for political reasons because of the elections, as reflected in other measures, such as preventing the passage of fuel to the Gaza Strip for several days and the closing of the crossings.

He denied the claim that the Islamic Jihad planned to carry out a military retaliatory operation for the arrest of its leader, Sheikh Bassam al-Saadi, by Israel and called these claims "propaganda." The Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad, announced they were on alert because they didn't know what Saadi's condition was, he claimed.