Moshe Kinley Tur-Paz
Moshe Kinley Tur-Paz Arutz Sheva

MK Moshe Kinley Tur-Paz (Yesh Atid), who brokered an agreement between the Belz hasidic sect and the Education Ministry, denied the claims that the sect had joined the "state haredi" (mamlachti haredi) educational system.

The claims, which Tur-Paz denounced as, "fake," were made by the Degel Hatorah faction of the Ashkenazic-haredi United Torah Judaism party.

"It's not just Belz, there is a group of hasidic sects who came to me, and afterwards with me acting as broker to the Education Ministry, and they said, 'It is not logical that we are willing to include much broader secular studies and we are not funded for that.' The Education Ministry together with the Finance [Ministry] created a plan, it is a plan for basic studies without harming what is holy to Israel," Tur-Paz told Kikar Hashabbat.

He added, "This is not state haredi, state haredi is something else entirely, which is intended for a modern audience. The guiding principle of the independent education system is upheld in this plan."

"There is no intervention in the content, it's all fake. All sorts of extremists or those who are jealous. The plan is on the basis of the independent education system. It's exactly the same thing. We did not receive anything in exchange."

The Degel Hatorah party has reiterated several times that its considerations for running separately from its longtime partner, Agudat Yisrael, center on ideological issues such as education. Among the examples brought by Degel Hatorah is the new Belz plan for schools, which Degel Hatorah sees as crossing red lines and possibly harming the educational independence of haredi schools.