Israeli Border Police operating in Jerusalem's Old City and aided and guided by observers from the Merhav David control center arrested early Friday morning a 33-year-old Arab.

Initial investigations show that the Arab, a resident of one of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, intended to carry out a stabbing attack on Friday morning, but the attack was foiled by the police.

The Arab was noticed around 5:30a.m. on Friday morning by an observer at the Jerusalem District control center in the Old City, who realized that the suspect was following worshipers in the area in a suspicious manner.

After police were pointed in his direction, the Arab suspect was quickly caught by Border Police officers, who took him for an inspection, during which he threw the knife which had been in his pants pocket.

The suspect was then arrested immediately and the knife confiscated.

Following his arrest, the suspect was taken for interrogation. During the course of the day on Friday, police will request that the Jerusalem Magistrates Court extend the suspect's arrest so as to allow the investigation to continue undisturbed.