Nachman Shai
Nachman Shai Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai commented on Monday on a letter he published on Sunday, alongside a number of other members of the Labor Party, expressing support for Merav Michaeli ahead of the primaries for the party leadership.

Michaeli was re-elected as Labor leader by an overwhelming majority in Monday’s primary.

"I signed the letter, no one forced it on us," Shai clarified in an interview with Radio 103FM. "The important thing I see in the party is stability and continuity, two elements that have been absent from the party for years. It conveys something good, in the face of all kinds of shocks on the political map. We are standing, although as a small party which we expect to grow, but we are at peace with ourselves and know that we have done a good job."

"The letter is harmless. It expresses something and comes of our own free will. I supported Merav. She has also made and makes mistakes, no one is clean, but she led the faction and the party correctly, we worked well together, the three ministers came together. We knew how to stabilize the coalition that unfortunately fell because of instability," he continued.

On the possibility of a joint run with Meretz, Minister Shai said that "Meretz is to the left of us. We respect them, want them to survive, but also want to preserve the Labor Party. All polls should be taken with a grain of salt."

At the conclusion of the interview, Minister Shai emphasized, "We will make every effort to ensure that Netanyahu does not return. We will go to great lengths to make it clear that a coalition similar to the one we had, that does not include the Likud, is worthy of the State of Israel. The previous alliance did not add seats, we have 13 together with Meretz, it is a great force and we want to increase it. I really think we can get votes, especially from Blue and White, which is where our voters are."