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Diaspora Affairs Minister Dr. Nachman Shai called for the government to do more to protect worshipers at the Western Wall's Egalitarian section following an altercation between Bar Mitzvah celebrants and Orthodox protestors at the site about two weeks ago.

"There is another side to Israel-US relationship that must be emphasized at the end of the Presidential visit. The American Jewish community, numbering approximately six million, is an important and strategic element of the connection between Israel and the United States as well as our ties with the Democratic Party," Minister Shai said during the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.

"Representatives of the American Jewish community with whom I recently met, expressed anger and dismay at the constant harassment that takes place in the Egalitarian Plaza at the southern end of the Western Wall.

"The leaders of the American Jewish community rightly expect that the Government of Israel, this government, will improve the conditions of prayer in this Plaza and implement the long-awaited outline for the Western Wall."

The Diaspora Affairs Minister demanded that the Prime Minister make changes accordingly and ensure law enforcement in order to maintain the safety of worshipers at the Western Wall Egalitarian Plaza.

Minister Shai further mentioned before Prime Minister Lapid and ministers of the government that "we are noticing a deterioration in the attitude of the Democratic Party in the United States towards the State of Israel - it is our duty to take note of this and deal with this issue promptly."