Joe Biden at Yad Vashem
Joe Biden at Yad Vashem Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

US President Joe Biden, who is visiting Israel, arrived on Wednesday evening at the Yad Vashem Museum, where he lit a candle in memory of the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

During the visit, President Biden met with two Holocaust survivors, Gita Cycowicz and Rena Quint, who welcomed him to the museum. Biden was interested in their stories and spoke to them for several minutes.

Cycowicz later told Radio Kol Chai in an interview about what happened at Yad Vashem, "He was very nice and warm to us. He got down on his knees in front of two women who went through the Holocaust."

"Biden asked us what happened to us in the Holocaust," she recalled. "I told him I was grateful to have been in America and to have gotten a doctorate there."

Cycowicz then recounted her post-Holocaust life story, saying, "I was in America after the war, I lived there for 43 years. It was not easy, we came there, three young girls, and we had no clothes to change to. We only had $100 in our hands."

"I felt that God was with us all the way, our entire family came to Israel, it is the best place to be, I want you to tell the listeners that the Land of Israel is a great place. I know my father is happy now up in heaven."

"I read the paper this morning. I do not understand how America allowed us to get into this situation where Iran could have nuclear weapons."

Later on Wednesday, Biden tweeted about his visit to Yad Vashem and his meeting with the two survivors.

“I vow to continue our shared, unending work to fight the poison of antisemitism wherever we find it in the world,” he wrote.