Parents of Moishe Kleinerman
Parents of Moishe Kleinermanדוברות יכ"ל

Following Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai's holding of a situational assessment in the case of missing child Moishe Kleinerman, who has been missing for over 100 days, his family thanked "those who are engaged in the work of finding Moishe and returning him to our home quickly."

The family testified that in the last two weeks there has been a significant change in the police's approach to the case: "recently the police have been working hard and trying to do everything in their power to locate our dear son."

Moishe's family wants to "unite all the resources the state has in order to locate Moishe and therefore we also turned to the Minister of Defense, who must approve and enable cooperation with the police and allocate the forces, units and technological means available in the IDF to assist the Israeli police and thus return Moishe to us."

Finally, the family addressed the people of Israel: "We would like to thank the residents of the State of Israel from the bottom of our hearts for the embrace we receive from them. It warms our hearts to see the support and love we receive from all sectors."

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said: "We will not give up until we discover what happened to Moshe and where he is. The Israeli police, as in any case of a missing person, certainly one who is at risk, invests a great deal of effort in trying to locate him. "

"The Judea and Samaria District is carrying out,, together with all relevant factors, all the necessary actions. This is a complex investigation that began with a report of his disappearance, and although he has been seen in the Meron area in the past, we do not rule out any place around the country where he may be and in our working assumptions all directions are being examined. The starting point is that Moishe is alive. We will continue our efforts to locate him and invest large forces to this effect alongside the other tasks of the Israel Police. "