Biden and Trump
Biden and Trump REUTERS

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 rematch, according to a pair of new polls.

If new elections were held today, a new Harris poll found, Trump would win the popular vote by three points, 43% to 40%, after losing the 2020 popular vote by nearly 4.5 points.

The online poll, which surveyed registered voters, also offered respondents several alternative scenarios, including a matchup between Trump and Kamala Harris, the leading Democratic candidate if Biden does not run in 2024.

In this scenario, Trump’s lead expands to six points, 45% to 39%.

The poll also found that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads the Republican ticket, neither he nor Harris manages to top 40%, with Harris narrowly leading DeSantis 39% to 37%.

More than two-thirds (71%) of registered voters say Biden should not run for a second term, with 45% saying “He’s a bad president” as the reason for opposing a second term, followed by 30% who cited Biden’s age.

Sixty-percent of respondents said they have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness to serve as president, and 64% said he is too old for the office.

Biden’s job approval fell to a new low in the Harris poll of 38%, with 57% of respondents disapproving of his job performance.

Just 30% of Democratic primary voters say they would back Biden for the nomination, with Vice President Kamala Harris in second places with 18%, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders in a distant third with 8%, and Hillary Clinton with 6%.

Trump, by contrast, has a clear lead among Republican primary voters, with 56%, followed by DeSantis with 16%, Mike Pence with 7% and Nikki Haley with 4%.

Regarding the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, 55% of respondents said they opposed the change, with 45% supporting it.

But most voters back major restrictions on abortion, with 37% saying abortions should only be permitted in cases of rape or incest, a further 12% saying abortions should only be permitted up to six weeks, and 23% saying they should be permitted only up to 15 weeks. Just 10% of voters say abortion should be legal for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

A second poll, conducted by Emerson College, shows Trump with a wider lead over Biden in a 2024 rematch, with Trump receiving 44% of the vote, to Biden’s 39%.

According to the Emerson poll, 39.5% of registered voters approve of Biden’s job performance, compared to 53.2% who disapprove.

A third poll found Biden has the backing of less than a quarter of Democratic primary voters.

The Golden/TIPP poll shows just 24% of Democratic primary voters prefer Biden as the party’s nominee, with former First Lady Michelle Obama in second with 14%, Senator Bernie Sanders with 9%, and Vice President Kamala Harris with 7%.