It has been cleared for publication that IDF soldiers foiled an attempt by Israeli citizens to smuggle weapons from Jordan last month.

On May 22, 2022, IDF observation soldiers spotted two suspects approaching Israeli territory along the Jordanian border adjacent to the Dead Sea.

Following searches in the area, two suspects were apprehended by security forces. The suspects were carrying a bag with four handguns, three M-16 rifles and ammunition.

The two suspects, ‘Aha Rahman Abu Sabih and Majd Kachchar, are Israeli civilians and residents of the Bedouin diaspora, adjacent to Dimona. The smuggled weapons were suspected to be intended for terrorist activity. The suspects were apprehended and transferred to a joint ISA and Israel Police investigation.

Following ISA questioning, two additional suspects who led the smuggling attempt, Muhammad Qachar and Salman Alog, were apprehended. Intelligence indicates that the two suspects operated along the Jordanian border to smuggle weapons.

The investigation regarding the suspects was transferred to the Southern District prosecution to formulate indictments, along with a request to detain the suspects until the legal proceedings are complete.

IDF, ISA and Israel Police view involvement of Israeli civilians in weapon smugglings into Israeli territory with great severity. Weapon smuggling dangers the security of Israel and its civilians.