MKs Strook and Waldiger in Ramat Gan
MKs Strook and Waldiger in Ramat GanParty spokesperson

MKs Michal Waldiger and Orit Strook (Religious Zionism) went out to Jerusalem Boulevard in Ramat Gan and met the store owner who received a warning and a threat of a fine from the Ramat Gan municipality's enforcement department, which sees the sign above his store as a "hazard" that should therefore be removed. The sign reads: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one," a verse from Deuteronomy used in Jewish morning and evening prayers.

"I put a large 'Sh'ma Yisrael' (Hear, O Israel etc.) sign above the sign with my store name," said the business owner. "The mayor called and sent me all kinds of inspectors and thugs to take down the sign. They said if I did not remove it, they would take it by force. I had an idea - to change the name of the store to "Shema Yisrael" and then he would not be able to tell me anything."

MK Strook commented: "We have seen signs everywhere, but only one sign disturbs the mayor - 'Hear, O Israel, our God, the Lord is one.'" We will defeat anyone who tries to lower the value of Shema Yisrael. "

MK Waldiger commented: "We came to support and say that we are with you, it is impossible to take away the basic right to freedom of religion. They do not allow you to perpetuate the most essential verse of our people, nor do they allow you to work. I assume that whoever comes with complaints and shouts only about this store, that what bothers him is not the signs but its essence, because they want to remove everything that is sacred and we will not allow it. We will not let this issue pass by quietly."