Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron Reuters

A mural in Avignon, France with an antisemitic depiction of French President Emmanuel Macron as a puppet being manipulated with his strings by Jewish advisor Jacques Attali is set to be covered up after public outrage, French news outlet ladepeche reported.

Attali is a well known economist and political advisor to Macron.

The fresco is reminiscent of antisemitic Nazi cartoons of the 1930s depicting Jews as evil puppet masters manipulating world events.

With Attali being Jewish, the antisemitic nature of the fresco was immediately commented upon and calls came for it to be removed, including from Jewish advocacy groups.

The mural was painted on a water management building in Avignon.

At first, the city refused to remove it, stating: “Everyone can interpret the image as they want since there are no words on this wall.”

But after the outcry continued and multiple Jewish organizations requested that it be taken down, the city agreed to cover it up.

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