Rabbi Yoel Roth, one of the most famous rabbis in the Breslav hasidic movement and probably one of the last people to see missing child Moshe Kleinerman, spoke over the weekend about the time he met the boy.

Rabbi Roth is the head of the Tiferet HaTorah yeshiva in Williamsburg, which serves hasidic youth who have dropped out of the usual yeshiva framework.

Many rumors have circulated about Moshe Kleinerman since his disappearance, including rumors that he has been spotted in a hasidic community outside of Israel.

Kleinerman was last seen on March 25 in the Meron area in the north of the country. Despite the passage of time, police still have no clue as to the boy's location and have continually appealed to the general public to report any sighting of the boy, who is described as slim with dark hair and sidelocks with glasses. Kleinerman also has a prominent scar over his left eye.

Last Friday, blogger Daniel Amram, who lives in the United States, decided to go to Rabbi Roth's yeshiva and talk to him about his last meeting with the missing boy more than 80 days ago in Meron. "I do not know him," Rabbi Roth said in a conversation with Amram. "When were were in Israel, he ran after me, and I don't know why. We couldn't get rid of him. We went around to the kivrei Tzaddikim (graves of the righteous), and I do not know why he jumped in the bus, we told him there was no place [for him] so he jumped in the trunk."

Amram spoke about the meeting with Rabbi Roth in a video on his YouTube channel. "When we arrived he was in the middle of a class," he said. "He told us he had no problem with us coming in and waiting, but at the end of the class I turned to him to ask him. At first he did not understand what I wanted from him. I told him I just wanted a selfie with him but then I showed him Moishe's picture and asked him if he knew where he was."

He said, "At first he ignored my question and just picked up the phone and started showing everyone, asking them if they knew where he was. After that he answered me about what happened then in Meron with him."