The National Security Council continues to call on Israelis to leave Istanbul, in light of the intention of terrorist elements to harm Israelis.

Alongside this, the Council on Thursday published some recommendations for precautionary steps for Israelis who are still staying in Istanbul, despite the warning to leave the city.

Israelis should at all times stay updated on the travel warning and publications by the National Security Council. They are advised to keep in touch with relatives in Israel who can assist in locating them if necessary, with an emphasis on hotel details, planned trips and flights.

Israeli symbols, including clothing details and accessories (such as bags), should be concealed. A low profile should be kept and Israelis are encouraged to avoid staying in places identified as "Israeli concentrations", such as restaurants, hotels and entertainment at tourist sites that attract Israeli crowds.

Israelis are advised to avoid attractive offers and business or tourist opportunities (such as tour guides and organized tours) that may be used to harm Israeli tourists, with an emphasis on offers posted on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.).

Taxis and transportation – Israelis are advised to carefully choose their means of transportation, with an emphasis on taxis, and beware of customs and vehicles that offer shuttle services at random.

They are asked to avoid posting and updating about their travel plans and location on social media, in order to make it difficult for the information to be obtained, and are advised to wait with these updates until after returning to Israel.

At the hotel:

Israelis are urged to be vigilant during their stay at the hotel – they are called to lock the door to their room during their stay and avoid opening the door to unidentified persons who may present themselves in various ways (room service, delivery, maintenance, etc.).

While staying in the lobby and public areas of the hotel, they are asked to pay attention to unusual activities or people.

In light of the level of threat, any suspicious incident must be reported to local police immediately, and in case of emergency, the Foreign Ministry’s emergency hotline can be contacted at +972-25303155.