Disabled veteran card
Disabled veteran card Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry's Department of Rehabilitation is preparing to enact accessibility regulations on the issues of exemptions from standing in line and exemptions from payment for an accompanying caregiver.

The new benefits bring IDF veterans in line with several other groups of disabled Israelis, who are already eligible to skip lines and who do not need to pay for their caregivers on public transportation.

The change will go into effect on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

In recent days, the Department has sent, via direct mail, new disability cards to approximately 12,000 disabled IDF veterans who are eligible for them.

According to the new regulations, disabled veterans who are recognized as suffering from head injuries, mental injuries, and post trauma, who have at least 40% disability and who receive mobility benefits, may present the disability card and exempt themselves from standing in line at government offices, local authorities, healthcare clinics, and more.

IDF veterans with special disabilities (100%+) who receive money for a caregiver, or who are recognized as suffering from over 50% disabiliy for head, mental, or post-trauma injuries, will be able to present their disability cards and skip the line, as well as claim exemption from the requirement for their caregivers to pay.