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One of the largest trade unions in the UK, GMB, unanimously passed a resolution that called for antisemites to “face the full force of the law.”

The motion also called out individuals out of its membership of 600,000 from a massive cross section of industry who are found guilty of antisemitism, the UK Jewish News reported.

Motion 213, which was supported by the union’s head Gary Smith and its leadership, commits GMB to a zero tolerance policy on antisemitic behaviour.

The measure said: “This congress strongly challenges the disturbing rise in antisemitism across the UK… This unacceptable behaviour and the perpetrators should be subjected to the full force of the law.”

It continued: “Where such behaviour may be present from any member of GMB Union, including social media posts, our Union should take immediate action to investigate and apply appropriate measures to address this within rule.”

“Antisemitism is a scourge in our society, and the GMB is clear that we won’t tolerate it,” Smith said. “We stand firm against antisemitism in this union. There is no room for hatred in our union. Those who commit it should face the full force of the law.”

He added: “We have to recognize antisemitism within our own ranks, and not be afraid to call it what it is. It flies in the face of our historic ties to the Jewish community – and in the face of what is right.”

Other members of the GMB executive also spoke out against antisemitism and in favour of the motion, which called for current union policies on discrimination and hate crimes to be reviewed.