Left-wing activists who arrived to support PA agricultural workers in the southern Mt. Hebron region were attacked by right-wing activists and residents of nearby towns.

Initial reports claim that two left-wing activists were injured by thrown stones. Both are considered mildly injured and are receiving medical treatment.

The left-wing organization 'Activists in the South of the Mountain' claimed that "settlers blocked the road for activists who were on their way out after the end of the operation, and as soon as the activists stopped they attacked them and the vehicle with stones. Two were wounded and are on their way to medical treatment."

The Mount Hebron Regional Council responded: "Every week a group of anarchists come to disrupt the routine of the lives of the settlers of Mount Hebron, even today they have blocked roads, set fire to agricultural land, and disrupted the routine of life as can be seen from the videos."

"These anarchists break the law every week and despite requests to law enforcement they are still coming and agitating. Regarding the video in question - as we mentioned before we are against violence! We call on the Israel Police to act severely against the stone-throwers and at the same time to deal with the agitating anarchist elements and undermining stability in the entire region. "