Picture of the missing teen
Picture of the missing teen Israel Dog Unit Public Relations

Moshe Kleinerman, a 16-year-old boy from Modi'in Ilit, has now been missing from his home for 74 days, and so far no progress has been made in the investigation surrounding his disappearance.

Lieutenant Alon Kalfon, commander of the Modi'in Illit precinct, said on Wednesday morning: "Moshe left the house and went to an event in Meron with a rabbi to whom he is connected. He was absent for a few days before the parents contacted us. He was last seen in Meron, leaving the shrine of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai to pray in solitude near a stream in the area. No further progress has been made in the search."

"There are quite a few theories circulating about his fate, some not very optimistic," Kalfon continued. "There have been cases in which evidence is only found some time later. Yesterday we conducted another search together with special units and experts in the field in an attempt to locate him.

"We try to limit ourselves to solid evidence that we can rely on when we approach such a search and a very complex investigation of the disappearance is underway," he added.

A representative of the Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit organization specializing in finding missing persons that has been taking part in the search for Kleinerman, stated: "We have searched, and continue to search, with all possible means, in numerous locations, in the hope of finding out what has become of Moshe. We ask the entire nation to be alert for any lead that may help us find him."