MK Nir Barkat (Likud) on Sunday rejected the threats made by Hamas and other terrorist organizations ahead of Jerusalem Day, and said that there is definitely something to celebrate on Jerusalem Day.

"There is no other nation in the world that returned to its capital after two thousand years. We are committed to Jerusalem. I was privileged to serve it for a decade and lead planning procedures, construction procedures and I see that the city is being built and strengthened and we will continue to do so. Do not be fazed by the threats," Barkat told Israel National News.

Barkat sees the Flag March in the Old City as a message to the entire world that the State of Israel is not deterred by terrorist threats and that Jerusalem belongs exclusively to the Jewish people.

On those who define the march as a provocation, Barkat said that "it does not matter what others say. What matters is what we do. We are marching and building, and we will continue to do so."

"Not only will we thwart this despicable plot but we will expand and strengthen the Jerusalem metropolis because it is our holy city and no one in the world will harm our goals and our need to build Jerusalem," he stated.