Yaffa Ben David
Yaffa Ben DavidPhoto by Hadas Parush/Flash90

The Israel Teachers Union (ITU), headed by Yaffa Ben David, will hold a protest at 6:00p.m. next Monday in Tel Aviv, Israel Hayom reported.

The protesters will demand higher wages for teachers, pointing to the large numbers of teachers who have left the field in recent years. According to them, the goal is to "save the educational system from collapse."

ITU declared a labor dispute on May 15, and next will will be legally allowed to declare a strike.

Although the protest itself will take place in the evening, school will end at 1:00p.m. that day, including for special education. This is to all teachers to attend the protest, the union emphasized.

In a letter sent Tuesday morning to teachers, Ben David wrote, "The consequences of the Finance Ministry's behavior are no less than horrific. Many teachers have already left the system and many more intend to do so at the end of the current school year."

"Let us shout in a clear voice: Enough destroying the educational system. Enough harming the teachers."