Women of the Wall
Women of the WallAdi Geffen/TPS

The Women of the Wall on Monday morning refused to follow orders and enter the plaza set aside for them.

According to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, a group of Women of the Wall did not listen to the request to enter the plaza designated for them, which had been set up for them by order of the Justice Ministry. This plaza was set up for the purpose of separating Women of the Wall from the rest of the worshipers, so as to prevent conflicts.

The Foundation said: "Despite repeated requests, they chose not to enter the plaza and to disturb public order. More than that, Mrs. Yochi Rappaport, one of the leaders of the group, decided to create chaos and provocation and went towards a group of worshipers standing in the upper plaza, for the purpose of fanning the flames and disturbing public order."

"The Western Wall Heritage Foundation operational manager Eden Shimon turned to her personally to re-enter the plaza in order to prevent violence and not turn the Western Wall into a place of protest, but she chose to continue what she was doing and once again turn the site into a battlefield."

Women of the Wall responded: "The extremism at the Western Wall is increasing. Now, the presence of a woman at the central plaza of the Western Wall, which is not a prayer plaza, is a provocation. This is the result of de-legitimization and ongoing demonization of Women of the Wall specifically and of women in general at the Western Wall. Instead of taking steps against those who attacked Women of the Wall, the Foundation stewards blame Women of the Wall, who are the victims of the attack."