Women of the Wall
Women of the WallAdi Geffen/TPS

A small group of Women of the Wall arrived at the Western Wall on Friday morning, Rosh Chodesh Iyar, and acted contrary to the site's regulations, causing much provocation, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation claimed.

According to the statement, "The police and Western Wall ushers, who were busy at the time facilitating prayer as usual, while tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers gathered on the Temple Mount for the end of Ramadan, were forced to deal with this small and disruptive event."

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation "expressed its sorrow that this group did not take this sensitive time into consideration and created unnecessary chaos at the Western Wall," a statement said.

Women of the Wall (WoW) hold prayers at the Western Wall every Rosh Chodesh, marking the start of the new Jewish month. Typically, these events end in clashes between Wow participants and the rest of the worshipers at the Western Wall plaza since they do not adhere to the rules regarding prayer at the holy site..

Last year, the Justice Ministry ordered that a plaza be set up for them, for the purpose of separating Women of the Wall from the rest of the worshipers, so as to prevent conflicts. However, according to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, a group of Women of the Wall did not listen to the request to enter the designated plaza.