PM Bennett
PM Bennett Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Our: Holy festival of Passover celebrating freedom became unholy because our government, dictated to by Arabs, prevents us from becoming free and our Prime Minister acts like an agent of the enemy.

Events: In the world mirrors the 1930s, where dictators and antisemites are free to act.

While: Poland is highly praised for its humanitarian help to Ukraine, its government denies the same humanity to Jews. No Jewish property stolen during the German occupation and still now in Polish possession is being returned.

Hear: How in 1984 the Polish Ambassador to the UK defended their neglect of Auschwitz as a Jewish memorial site but prioritized the memory of Poles who perished there.

Our: Neighboring governments spread fake news and accuse Israel of provocative unilateral action of attacking the Al Aqsa Mosque, but not mentioning that it is a storehouse for weapons and a base for Arab terrorists.

How: Shurat Hadin, Israel’s Law Center, lists the enemy’s actions.

Breaking News: The run-off for the French elections this Sunday between Macron and Le Pen is too close to call.

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