Illustrative Miki Inbar

Spring has officially begun even though it doesn't look like it...

In the north of the country and most of the center, Thursday will be cold and rainy, with occasional thunderstorms. The Negev region will see localized rain showers, mainly in the afternoon hours. On high northern peaks there will even be some snowfall, and some high peaks in the center of the country could also see some light snow.

Along the coast flooding is possible; in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea region, there is a chance of flash-flooding during the afternoon. Strong winds will blow in most parts of the country, and the weather in the south could be hazy. Temperatures will be well below the seasonal average from the north to the Negev.

On Friday, expect localized and intermittent rain showers from northern Israel through the northern Negev, together with isolated thunderstorms. Snow will continue to fall in the Golan Heights and on Mount Hermon. Flash-flooding will remain a possibility in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea region throughout the day until evening. Temperatures will remain unseasonably low.

On Shabbat (Saturday) there will still be light rain showers, and temperatures will begin to rise on higher ground and in the interior of the country, although they will still remain below the seasonal average.

On Sunday, the weather will be cloudy, with occasional rain showers throughout the morning in the north and center of the country. Temperatures will continue to rise slightly but the country will still remain unseasonably chilly.