Nirt Barkat, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz
Nirt Barkat, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz Ron Zaks

MK Nir Barkat (Likud) met on Sunday with US Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, two senior members of the Republican Party, in Washington.

During the meeting, Barkat and the senators discussed the nuclear agreement that is being formulated with Iran and the immediate need to cooperate to prevent it.

"The nuclear agreement with Iran is a real threat to Israel's security and its future. I spoke with my friends, Senator Graham and Senator Cruz, about joint action against the nuclear agreement and about advancing real steps to strengthen Israel's security," Barkat said.

He noted that "while sanctions are imposed on Russia, it is inconceivable that the sanctions on the Iranians will be lifted and a reward will be given to those who threaten to destroy Israel and are working to produce a nuclear bomb for that purpose."

"Israel will not become Ukraine! It is inconceivable that a terrorist state that threatens Israel and the entire free world will receive relief instead of tougher sanctions. The Iranian threat is to the entire free world and not just to the State of Israel," Barkat concluded.