New checkpoint outside Homesh
New checkpoint outside HomeshHomesh

The IDF set up a new checkpoint this morning (Tuesday) on the way to the Homesh Yeshiva in northern Samaria, and soldiers are blocking Jews from entering the yeshiva. The area has been declared a closed military zone.

Only a limited number of students are allowed entry to Homesh, those written on a list of names held by the checkpoint commander. All other students are stopped and denied entry.

The head of the Homesh Yeshiva, Rabbi Elishama Cohen, arrived at the checkpoint with two yeshiva students in his vehicle who were not on the list and were denied entry.

Rabbi Cohen was also prevented from passing with his vehicle. A soldier informed him that his vehicle is also not allowed to pass, and that he would have to leave it behind and proceed on foot.

Yeshiva students who stood at the checkpoint and asked the soldiers to let them pass were violently arrested by the soldiers.

The Homesh Yeshiva called on right-wingers in the government "to walk up and stop this madness. The Homesh Yeshiva will continue to hold out on the mountain, study Torah under any circumstances, and display our love of our land. No one can stop this great spirit of ours."

Last night the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit provided an update on two violent incidents that took place on Monday and this past Saturday night near Homesh in northern Samaria.

On Monday evening, an Israeli vehicle broke through a checkpoint near the Homesh outpost and hit the leg of an officer and an IDF soldier who were stationed in the area.

This past Saturday night, an Israeli vehicle arrived at a checkpoint near Homesh, at which point a number of Israelis came out of the vehicle and threw rocks at Palestinian Arab vehicles. A force that was at the scene acted to stop the rock throwing, when an Israeli citizen attacked one of the fighters.

The officer and the two fighters from the two incidents did not require medical attention. The IDF said that the cases were transferred for further investigation by the Israel Police.

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