Global News reports that a growing convoy of truckers is staging a driving protest to Canada's capital of Ottawa, where they intend to demonstrate against mandatory vaccination to avoid quarantine when crossing the US-Canada border.

Online comments on the organizing page for the protest, including specific threats against Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and calls for the trucks to assault the Canadian Parliament, have sparked fears that the protest may turn to imitate the Capitol riots in 2021. Ottawa police have commented that "This will be an extremely significant and fluid event that could go on for a prolonged period of time."

Police claim to be preparing for a variety of scenarios, including counter-demonstrations, blocking of intersections, interfering with critical infrastructures, and unlawful and violent activity. Additionally, Parliamentary security forces have begun specific preparations for violence on the grounds of Canada's Parliament.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the “fringe minority” heading to Ottawa in a truck convoy that hold “unacceptable views” don’t represent the way most Canadians feel.

Organizers of the protest insist that they intend to keep the event peaceful, saying that "Threats and violence is not our mandate" and asking that anyone seen attempting to use the protest as an opportunity for violent acts be reported both to the organizers and to the nearest law enforcement officers.