Albert Bourla
Albert BourlaReuters

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has warned in a French-language interview with BFM TV that coronavirus will remain for many years, but estimated that "with the tools created by science, the current wave will be the last with so many restrictions."

"This is a virus that has spread all over the world so it is very difficult to get rid of," he told BFM.

However, Bourla emphasized that, "We will have an effective vaccine in barely three months [since omicron was detected] which is a very short period."

Bourla also stressed, "I think that we need to vaccinate children in order to protect them. It's true, there are parents in France and around the world who oppose it, but the vaccine is very effective for children" and is both "safe and efficient" for them.

Regarding a third dose, Bourla told BFM that in order to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus, three doses are required, "and after that one booster each year for those with a weak immune system."

When asked about a fourth dose, Bourla said that the trial results are not clear, but that he expects to receive them in March.