Mazen Ghanaim
Mazen Ghanaim Olivier Fitousi/Flash90

MK Mazen Ghanaim (United Arab List) on Wednesday morning announced that until Israel stops planting trees in the Negev, he will work against the government.

In a Facebook post, he Ghanaim wrote, "I, Mazan Ghanaim, son of the city of Sakhnin and son of the Arab Middle East, announce here on my official page and on every platform that from this day forward I am against this government."

"The Negev is my home, the Negev is my family, the Negev is a red line," he added.

Also on Wednesday morning, Construction and Housing Minister Ze'ev Elkin (New Hope) said that despite the Bedouin riots, the tree-planting by JNF will continue.

"In the previous government they stopped the planting," he claimed to Kan Reshet Bet. "If we lose votes because of Ra'am (the United Arab List - ed.) - then we lose them.".

"We joined this partnership in order to serve the Arab citizens," MK Iman Khatib-Yassin (United Arab List) said. "We are always examining and checking what their interests are. Minister Elkin can say what he wants, but he needs to examine the near future."