Rally in memorial of Qassem Soleimani in Tehran
Rally in memorial of Qassem Soleimani in TehranReuters

Iran announced on Wednesday that it seeks to prosecute 127 suspects for involvement and cooperation in the January 2020 elimination of senior commander Qassem Soleimani, the Fars news agency reported.

Iranian Judiciary Spokesman Zabihollah Khodayian said the country has sent 11 letters of request to 9 countries asking for measures against the 127 culprits.

He also said Iran and Iraq have signed a memorandum of understanding in this regard, adding that the two neighbors have formed working groups which will soon hold their third joint meeting.

No details were provided on the identity of the suspects which Iran seeks to prosecute.

Iran in 2020 issued an arrest warrant against then-US President Donald Trump and asked for Interpol's aid in detaining him in the killing of Soleimani. Interpol swiftly rejected the request, saying its guidelines for notices forbids it from "any intervention or activities of a political" nature.

Iraq has similarly issued a warrant for Trump’s arrest as part of a Baghdad court's investigation into the killing of top Iraqi paramilitary commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, who died in the same US drone strike that killed Soleimani.

Fars noted on Wednesday that, in addition to Trump, Iran’s chief civilian prosecutor has indicted the head of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie Jr., former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, over Soleimani’s elimination.

The file remains open to the further addition of individuals that Tehran determines to have played a role in the killing, the Iranian news agency said.

Speaking on the second anniversary of Soleimani’s death earlier this week, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi threatened to exact revenge against Trump.

Raisi said on Monday that Iran would seek retribution unless the former US President, along with former Pompeo, agreed to a trial in a “fair court” in which they and other American officials would be sentenced for ordering the killing of the Iranian general.

In a speech that was broadcast on Iranian television, the Iranian leader called Trump the “main criminal and killer” for his role in taking out Soleimani, and said Trump must face “qisas,” the Muslim term for retribution or an "eye for an eye.”