IDF spokesman, Brig.-Gen Ran Kochav
IDF spokesman, Brig.-Gen Ran Kochav Flash90

On Tuesday morning, to the backdrop of the Vienna nuclear talks, IDF spokesperson Brigadier-General Ran Kochav discussed the IDF’s readiness for action against Iran if necessary and stressed that Israel’s armed forces are preparing for all possible scenarios.

“I won’t go into policy details, but as we have said in the past, we are preparing for all eventualities,” Kochav told Kan Bet. “We have enhanced our level of readiness, and the military and operational spheres are at the forefront of both preventing Iran from establishing itself in the northern arena and preventing it from becoming a threshold state.”

He added that, “When I say that we are accelerating our plans against Iran – I mean precisely that.”

On Monday, talks on Iran’s nuclear program and associated sanctions began in Vienna, with the participation of representatives from Iran and other world powers. The United States is not actively participating in the talks.

Senior security sources within Israel have said that their main concern is that Iran will advance to becoming a nuclear threshold state. Another key concern is that the world powers are first discussing the removal of sanctions and only then the conditions they intend to demand Iran agree to. In fact, the head of the Iranian delegation to Vienna has demanded of the other powers a commitment that they will not apply new sanctions in the future.

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