The Newburgh, New York city council voted on Monday to censure a councillor accused of anti-Semitism, Bronx News12 reported.

Councilman-at-Large Omari Shakur was allegedly caught on video making disparaging remarks about Jews. After the video became public, there were calls for him to resign his position.

According to News12, the video contains footage of Shakur in the midst of a profanity laden rant. At the end of the clip, the councillor accuses Jews of “coming here and think[ing] they can take my community” and then says: “F*** all y’all.”

Shakur allegedly made the remarks last week after being asked by a resident about their concern that construction at a row of buildings in a main area of town was not safe.

This is the second time that the Newburg City Council has censured Shakur in the less than two years he has been a councilman-at-large.

The previous censure was for inappropriate language used when interacting with Newburgh police during a traffic stop. In that instance, he apologized for his vulgar language before the censure vote occurred, stating: “The reaction displayed is not who I am and I fell short of the love that I feel amongst my constituents in Newburgh and of the leadership I want to represent.”

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