Naftali Bennett, August 2021
Naftali Bennett, August 2021 Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday evening held a consultation on the new Delta variant of COVID-19, known as AY4.2.

The discussion was attended by the Minister of Health, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, the Head of Public Health Services in the Ministry of Health, the Coronavirus Project Manager, the Deputy Head of the National Security Council, and other professionals.

During the discussion, the professionals presented to the Prime Minister the information that is available at this stage regarding the new variant, of which a few cases have been discovered in Israel.

The Prime Minister stressed that developments must be closely monitored and acted upon quickly in order to maintain the success so far in dealing with the virus.

Bennett ordered that each case of the new strain in Israel be focused upon with an increased epidemiological investigation. It was also decided to contact countries in which the variant exists, in order to clarify and share information.

The Prime Minister ordered an update of the tourism outline that will be presented to him on Thursday, in accordance with the existing information regarding the new variant.

It was also decided to share the existing information in Israel with other countries in the world, with an emphasis on Europe. In addition, the genetic sequencing capability will be significantly expanded in order to increase the information gathering capabilities.

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