Rain (illustration)
Rain (illustration)Flash 90

In the midst of the historic levels of rain and flooding pummelling New York City on Wednesday night, two Hatzalah crews heroically came to the aid of a woman in labor, Yeshiva World News reported.

With fatal flooding – described on Thursday by officials as “unprecedented” and “a literal waterfall" –responsible for multiple deaths, Hatzalah of Washington Heights and Riverdale Hatzalah were called to assist a woman about to have a baby.

The woman was stuck in a deluge of non-moving traffic caused by the bevy of rain due to the remnants of Hurricane Ida and could not reach a hospital.

The flooding caused traffic jams, road closures and vehicles submerged in water up to their windows.

Hatzalah volunteers from both teams spent an hour navigating through treacherous obstacles to gain access to the woman.

In the end, Riverdale Hatzalah’s Dudie Silberman and Yaniv Lautman each ran 1.2 miles carrying equipment to get to the woman so they could give her assistance until the ambulance could make its way to her location.

The baby was delivered safely in the woman’s car, and both the baby and mother are in good health.

According to Yeshiva World News, sources said that Hatzalah sent a Riverdale Hatzalah and a Hatzalah of Washington Heights ambulance to attempt to reach the woman’s location.

The Washington Heights ambulance was eventually able to reach the woman on its fourth attempt, after having great difficulty due to flooded roads.

The Riverdale ambulance was delayed for an extended period of time on the Cross Bronx Expressway. At that point, it was decided that Dudie Silberman and Yaniv Lautman would attempt to carry equipment and reach the woman on foot.

They ran through flood water up to their waists for 15 minutes to reach her location 1.2 miles away.