Mother 'quarantines' children in trunk of vehicle

Mother puts two children in trunk of vehicle, claims they are there for 'quarantine.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Border Police (file)
Border Police (file)
Kobi Gideon/Flash90

Border Police operating Tuesday night in Jerusalem notice a private vehicle which seemed to be suspicious.

Upon investigation, the officers discovered two children sitting in the vehicle's trunk.

The children, ages five and ten, both residents of the city's Beit Hanina neighborhood. Questioning the mother, who was driving the vehicle, the officers discovered that all of the travelers were required to be in quarantine, and therefore, she said, the children were in the trunk.

Appropriate enforcement was carried out, and the appropriate fines were issued.

Officer Orna Halamish, the Border Policewoman who stopped the vehicle, said: "While traveling, we identified a Mazda in front of us. The trunk of the Maza opened and we noticed a young child there, which raised our suspicions. We requested that the vehicle stop - it did not stop. We blocked it from the right, and afterwards we examined the vehicle and identified a female driver with two young girls."

"We requested that she open the trunk, but she refused and did not want to. In the end, she opened it, and we found two children, which surprised us: Why should a mother put her children in the trunk? The mother began to speak harshly, claiming, 'he's crippled, he's crippled.' I asked her why she would put him back there, why should she put the children in the trunk? It's a real danger of suffocation.

"After we checked the terminal, we discovered that they were all required to quarantine. They had returned from abroad and violated the coronavirus quarantine. During our investigation, the driver began to say that she had put the children in the back in the trunk in order to quarantine them."